The Long-Term Cost of Home EV Charging vs. Public Charging

Electric vehicle charging

Electrical vehicles (EVs) come with lower maintenance and refueling costs than gas-powered vehicles. However, your charging strategy makes the most significant difference in your savings. The costs to charge depend on whether you charge at home or use a public charging station. Many homeowners consider charging at home as as a way to economize. Charging […]

Winter Care for Your Generator: Essential Tips to Keep It Running Smoothly

Winter temperatures and winter storms can pose a challenge to generators. To ensure that your generator operates at its best during the colder months, here are some crucial tips to keep in mind. Use Fuel Suited for Cold Weather Cold temperatures can affect the performance of the fuel in your generator. Consider using winter-grade fuel, […]

Savvy Cost-Saving and Safety Tips for 2024 Electrical Maintenance

Are you experiencing electric power overloads, short circuits, or lights that flicker on and off in your home? If so, you may have a faulty home electrical panel. This panel controlling the flow of electric current throughout your house may have loose wiring. Other problems that the panel may have include burned components and corroded […]

What You Need to Know About EV Charger Maintenance

With as much money as you spend on an electric vehicle and a charging station, why wouldn’t you spend a little more to maintain it? The charging station ensures you always have a full battery when you need it and protects you from some of the common fire risks and other hazards you might face. […]

5 Common Generator Problems and How to Troubleshoot at Home

Residential house natural gas backup generator.

As a homeowner, the last thing you need during an emergency is a faulty generator. Fortunately, it’s possible to troubleshoot many generator issues yourself. As long as you understand the basics of common problems and their solutions, it’s possible to get a stalled generator up and running again. Here are five of the most common […]

Safe and Festive Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

Icicles and Snowstorm

Christmas lights are undoubtedly one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, they can sometimes be challenging to manage. Theres also the aspect of making sure theyre used safely. Keeping in mind indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting tips can help limit stressful situations while boosting the chances of establishing beautiful displays. Buy More […]

5 Lighting Options That Will Save You Money

Different modern lights

Electricians are your best friends when it comes to saving money on your next electric bill. They can help find the right lighting solutions for your home or office. They can install energy-efficient lighting and show you what options will work in your home. In essence, electricians can show you the most cost-effective ways to […]

Why Is My EV Charger Not Working?

Close Up Of Woman Attaching Charging Cable To Electric Car At Home

So, you’ve made sure to plug in both ends of your EV charger cable and the power’s on, but it’s still not working, or it’s taking forever to charge your vehicle. Like other car problems, knowing how to troubleshoot issues with your EV’s charger and when to call a professional can get you back on […]

Fall Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Home Cozier Than Ever

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light

It’s hard to beat the warmth, comfort, and seasonal ambience of fall. The colorful leaves, cheerful pumpkins, warm flannel, and piping hot lattes all make for an incredible season. One way to capture even more of the autumn essence in your home is to improve its lighting, and we have the perfect tips to help […]

Lighting Safety: Illuminating Every Room Securely

hang lighting interior design modern home decoration style.

In the realm of home design, lighting serves a dual purpose: it not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space, but it also plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety. Beyond the decorative elements, the right lighting can prevent trips and falls, reduce eye strain, and provide an overall sense of security. Here are […]

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