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What You Need to Know About EV Charger Maintenance

With as much money as you spend on an electric vehicle and a charging station, why wouldn’t you spend a little more to maintain it? The charging station ensures you always have a full battery when you need it and protects you from some of the common fire risks and other hazards you might face. Learn how often you need to schedule EV charger maintenance and what happens during your appointment.

Basic Maintenance Tasks

Owning an EV charger requires regular appointments to maintain it. You should never attempt to handle the maintenance yourself because you can easily make a mistake that damages your home’s electrical panel. A maintenance appointment allows a professional to check on the system’s internet connection, look for any damage, find broken parts, and recommend anything you need. Though some EV owners think they can get by without regular maintenance, even minor repairs can cost much more than you expected.

Why Maintain Your Charger?

As an EV owner, you will find there are several reasons to maintain your home charger. One is that it protects your investment. Not only does it protect the charger itself, but it also protects your vehicle. The maintenance technician will ensure that the charger doesn’t send too much power to the vehicle, which can damage the battery. They’ll also look for and fix issues that cause it to charge your vehicle too slowly. Another bonus is that routine maintenance protects your house from fires and other damage potentially caused by a faulty charger.

Signs You Need Help

Before you schedule a maintenance appointment, you can look for signs your system needs professional help. One common sign is that it takes longer to charge your EV battery. You might use it for 10 hours or longer and still not have a full charge. Another sign is that the system has exposed wiring. This can lead to shocks when anyone touches it. Also, opt for maintenance if you notice any exterior damage.

How Often Do EV Chargers Need Maintenance?

EV chargers usually need both winter and summer maintenance. During the winter, you want to test all of the parts, look for signs of damage, and check for any rusting caused by snow or ice. Summer maintenance involves many of the same things along with checking for signs of overheating. The hot summer temperatures can break down the charger. In addition to winter and summer maintenance, many EV owners find it helpful to schedule appointments at the beginning of each season.

Through routine maintenance, protect the investments you made in both your EV and EV charger. When scheduling your appointments, opt for a minimum of one appointment in the winter and another in the spring. Contact ESSCO Electric today to see how easily you can arrange EV services in Pasco, WA.

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