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Fall Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Home Cozier Than Ever

It’s hard to beat the warmth, comfort, and seasonal ambience of fall. The colorful leaves, cheerful pumpkins, warm flannel, and piping hot lattes all make for an incredible season. One way to capture even more of the autumn essence in your home is to improve its lighting, and we have the perfect tips to help you get that fall feeling.

What Color Lighting Is Best for Fall?

Dimmer lights with warm hues will play into the natural colors of the season, making your home feel ultra cozy. You’ll want to avoid lights that have a white hue, as these can look far too bright and sterile for fall. Instead, create warmth and depth in your home by using light bulbs that are on the warmer end of the spectrum.

When choosing your lighting, check the Kelvin scale, which ranges from about 2000k for candlelight to 6500k for bright daylight. The warmest light is at the lower end of the scale, around 2700k for LED bulbs. Installing a dimming feature can also be wonderful, as it allows you to get brightness when you need it and gradually lower the light throughout the day.

Add Lampshades for a Desirable Effect

Lampshades are a fast and attractive way to help create a softer glow in your home. Opaque shades work best, and you can even play around with different colored shades in festive fall tones like orange, red, and brown.

A deep orange lampshade will instantly transform your room and make it feel fall ready. Coupled with a warmer bulb, you can get an extremely warm and welcoming ambience that invites you and your guests to relax.

Place Lanterns Outdoors

A cozy lantern is a wonderful way to add a rustic touch to your exterior. You can also get LED lanterns and luminaries that can be remotely activated or set to run on a timer. These luminaries can also be made with a flickering feature that emulates real candlelight. They enhance the ambience without the risk of fire and require little maintenance.

Choose Floor Lamps

A floor lamp offers a softer, warmer glow than overhead lighting, and this can be perfect for creating a fall feel indoors. Paired with some lovely accent lights, like candles or string lights in a glass jar, floor lamps can transform your living space into an autumn oasis.

Trust an Expert to Install Your New Fall Lights

Whether you are installing LEDs or outdoor lighting, you need to work with a licensed electrician. To schedule lighting services in Pasco, WA, contact us at ESSCO Electric. Our certified electricians will be happy to help you create the perfect ambient fall lighting for your home.

Call today at (509) 366-2491 or contact us online for more information about our services.

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